Under The Car

Under The Car

“UNDER THE CAR” (1992, 30 minutes)
Showtime Cable Television/Chanticleer Films
Director: Alan B. McElroy
Cast: Frank Aragon, Robert Curtis Brown


Plot: A group of friends return to the deserted car park where the designated driver’s 4 wheel drive is situated. The group are all happy go lucky after a fun night out but soon things change, something is lurking underneath.

After doing grunt work on “Contact” I talked my way into working as the assistant to the director, Alan McElroy, who happened to also be from Ohio.  He was a cool guy, he just had me carry his shooting boards, attend casting sessions and stuff.  We shot it in downtown Los Angeles.  I met a producer on the set who, many years later, helped me get my studio job at Savoy Pictures. ” – Monte

Showtime has never made available their Chanticleer/Discovery short films from this era on DVD/Netflix.  They’re totally lost to the sands of time, unfortunately.